Melody Holler Happenings September 2020

September 4, 2020

Hi Farm Family!

Wow!  What a crazy year it's been thus far, and how did it get to be September already?!  We've got a f

ew Melody Holler Farm updates to share as we enter the upcoming fall season.  We've added and changed a few operational things which will allow us to serve YOU, as herd share owners and customers, BETTER.  We're also planning at least one fall farm event (we hope you can join us!), and we thought we'd share some general goings-on of our day-to-day life here at Melody Holler.

Because we realize how busy you all are, we went through and extended our Melody Holler Farm location pick-up hours from 7 AM thru 5 PM Monday thru Saturday.  We also loosened up the on-line ordering schedule deadlines - ordering through will now be open for the entire week before your pick-up date, plus you can order up until midnight the day before your selected pick-up date.

Distance to Melody Holler has been a concern for some of you, especially herd share owners.  We've come up with incentives and ideas to help:

     1) Become a Melody Holler Farm VIP!  It's simple, get together a group of at least fiv

e family and friends from your area.  Who ever picks up your group's orders or milk shares for the week gets the VIP discount, which is one weekly boarding fee FREE or a  $10 store credit for that week.  The VIP free discount can be used by any person in the group any week.  Your group just has to let us know who the VIP is for the particular week so we can give them the discount :)

     2)  Host your own Pick-up Location!  At the top right of our Pick-up Locations page, there is a little orange button "Host a Pick-up Location".  If you click the button, it will pop up a form for you to request a location in your town.  If 10 or more customers request the same location and join our Herd Share, or order a minimum of $14 of meat items per week, we'll set-up delivery to your suggested location.

     3)  Pick-up every other week instead of just once per week!  We pack our milk clean and FRESH.  It will last two weeks in the fridge if kept cold.  Same goes for the ground beef - it's frozen, so buy in bulk and make fewer trips - even though we do love to see you!

Coming up when the weather cools (and the flies go away!), we're planning on hosting a Melody Holler Farm Open House.  It is still in the planning stages, but keep your eye out for more details as it will probably be RSVP for certain time slots due to Covid19.  We do know there will be FOOD prepared from our tasty, grass-fed farm products, and also up-close and personal visits with our lovely cows :)

Here on the farm it was a wet, cold spring, and we had an unusually challenging group of spring calves who refused our attempts like no previous group to learn grazing.  They lost weight, and gained weight, got sick and lost more weight!  We are just now getting them under control and babying them along to get them back in condition for the winter!  July and August turned hot and very dry, and our crop of Sorghum Sudan grass for late summer grazing looks like about 30 percent of what it usually is.  On the bright side, soaking rain finally came this week and pastures are looking lush again.  The pigs are enjoying composting the barn, and the cows and calves are enjoying the cooler temperatures.  We've added a Melody Holler Farm Photo Album on the website if you'd like to take a look at our farm life.

Eric and I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and visiting with you when you come to the farm.  For those of you we haven't met in person yet, we look forward to it!  Most of you know this is our first year of direct-marketing and offering a herd share.  It's been a challenge, but also a pleasure, as we learn how to best serve YOU while being full-time dairy farmers.  Thank you for your support, love and kindness, and especially for your business, because it's what keeps us producing a secure, healthy supply of 100% grass-fed meat and milk to share with you!

All our best,

Lin and Eric 


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